“You’re Fired!”


“You’re fired!”


“You fired!”


“You FIRED!”

So, goes one of the many funny scenes between Tuck and Roll within Pixar’s, A Bug’s Life. Yet, while this may have been a funny scene to many movie goers and, later, to many families owning the VHS video or DVD, this is not so funny to some bloggers today.

Today, more than a few bloggers are hearing the words, “You’re fired” over the articles and posts they have made about the companies they work for. USA Today and recently, Ars Technica, reported on such issues:

Many companies are now cracking down on bloggers, firing employees who post unflattering information about the company in public. Wired has just noted the new Proofpoint survey on corporate monitoring of employee communications. That survey found that 32 percent of companies employ people whose job responsibilities include sifting through outgoing e-mail. 14 percent of companies have disciplined employees for improper use of social networking sites, and nine percent have fired people within the last year for items that they posted on blogs or message boards.

That’s a lot of firings—and it gives a good reason for workers to be concerned about the material that they post publicly.

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What are your thoughts on these matters? Is this an infringement on freedom of speech or a need to create new policies within corporate America? I wonder how many businesses have contracts/conditions on employee blogging within their Human Resource departments?

Who knows where all this may lead, but the fact that this has become “news worthy” speaks highly of the influence Blogs have in today’s world. We’ll see how this plays out in the year ahead – until then, keep blogging!


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