Juicy News About Joost™

JoostBy E. Brown

While flipping between work related files and catching up on my tech reading, I came across the Connected Internet blog, by Everton Blair, out of the U.K. Everton is also a Joost Beta Tester, like me, and has some interesting news about the future of Joost:

Joost, the peer-to-peer TV sharing application from the inventors of Skype and Kazaa, has signed up more than a million beta testers and is on track for an end-of-year launch, its co-creator has revealed. Finally, the whole world will get to see what a great service Joost is, which in my view makes a mockery of the shoddy and poor quality videos available on other services.

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Note: Currently, Everton works with one of London’s largest ISP’s running their portal and online operations.

The significant strides Joost has made over the last months is amazing. They are adding more and more content every time I look. Do you like vintage black and white Godzilla movies? It’s on Joost. How about vintage NewsRadio shows with the late Phil Hartman? You can find it on Joost!

Interested in signing up for Joost as a Beta tester? Let me know by emailing me with a valid first and last name and email address and I’ll sign you up. [eweirdguy at bellsouth dot net]

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