Goin’ Off The Rails on The Link Train

Link TrainsHave you heard of “Link Trains”? Are you part of one?

Some Bloggers are using link trains to drive up their stats on sites such a Technorati. The rough premise is similar to a chain-letter, but in this case it’s a series of posts. You include the previous blog links in your post and add several additional then ask others in your network to do the same. At the same time you ask several of the previously linked blogs to publish an article/post of yours.

In many cases this has driven blogs into the Top 100 on Technorati. Is this a symptom of our micro-wave, I-want-it-now mentality or a lazy way to get top billing? Will these blogs have the quality of content to stay in the top ranks? Is this a popularity vote not based upon mob mentality?

What are your thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Goin’ Off The Rails on The Link Train

  1. My guess is all the link trains and memes, and myspace bulletins such as they are, will eventually kill the fun out of blogging and social networking the same way chain letter forwards are killing real email and communication. Every blog will look pretty much like the next, with the same content, the same links and memes etc. It’s the mistaken idea that quantity is better than quality. And as every new set of netters becomes more acquainted with the internet, and eventually get sick of all the chain letter nonsense, they’ll get replaced by more net newbies who start out thinking chain letters are the coolest thing on the planet. Newbies come in all ages too, so the teenagers pass on myspace bulletins and the middle-agers pass on recipe or political chains, and people of all ages seem to love those annoying blog memes and agonizing long email surveys with never-ending random pointless questions. Blech!

    So, because of the chain nonsense, there will always be a need for some of us who detest chain letters, seeing them for what they are, making our own special space where we can write out our screaming fits whenever friends send us this junk.

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