WeirdGuy blog is Technorati #1

(This image has not been tampered with — the screen shot has been reduced in size only)

WeirdGuy blog is Technorati #1

Imagine my surprise when I happened over to Technorati this afternoon and saw that my humble little blog was ranked #1 in the Top 100!! Whoa! Who needs Link Trains, it looked like the gang at Technorati were kind enough to move me right to the top.

I rubbed my tired eyes and refreshed the browser page…still Number 1! I held down the Shift key for a clean refresh and guess what?

Still, Numeral Uno!

Just to make sure, I hopped over to the Technorati Top 100 page and, wouldn’t you know it? Engadget grabbed my #1 spot away… just like that!

Oh well, at least I have a screen shot to prove I was #1 for a few minutes.

Note: I went back to my Technorati Blog Info page and I am back to #1…ah, life is sweet! :)


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