4-Hour Work Week

4-Hour Work WeekI am a big proponent of “not-to-do lists”. Here, best-selling author, Tim Ferriss shares his 9 common habits that need eliminating.

This week I realized once again how “not-to-do” lists can be just as effective—often more so—than to-do lists for upgrading performance. The reason is simple: what you don’t do determines what you can do.

Here are nine stressful and common habits that entrepreneurs and office workers should strive to eliminate. Focus on one or two at a time, just as you would with high-priority to-do items.

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You can also visit Tim at his blog: fourhourworkweek.com

You can buy Tim’s book at Amazon.

Note: I just picked up a copy today and will let you know when my work week is down to 4 hours!

Have Fun!

2 thoughts on “4-Hour Work Week

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