Youth in Networked Public Culture

Heather asks some good questions and makes some interesting observations about youth in today’s digital world. If you have kids, this is a good read to learn about the digital trends in youth culture.

From Spotlight | By Heather Horst

In talking to families in Silicon Valley about their use of media and technology, I often hear stories about how fundamentally different the experience of being a teenager is today. While there is clear continuity between the ways in which my generation made ‘mixed tapes’ or ‘hung out’ on the telephone for hours at a time, one of the most fundamental shifts in American youth culture centers upon kids’ engagement in what has been termed “networked public culture”, or “those cultural artifacts associated with ‘personal’ culture (like home movies, snapshots, diaries, and scrapbooks) have now entered the arena of ‘public’ culture (like newspapers, cinema, and television)”(Russell, Ito, Richmond and Tuters 2006).

For young adults such as 18 year old Ann, the entree into networked public culture first came through MySpace, a site and space which dominated her high school social life…

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