Business, Fun, and the Art of Dancing Pt.2

By E. Brown

The response to the first article was so positive I decided to add a little more from this tiny yet timeless book. I have taken the liberty to add bracketed wording to emphasize a business paradigm.

From the Complete Quadrille Call Book and Dancing Master, by Prof. A.C. Wirth, Ex-President of American National Association Masters of Dancing, published in 1902:

Etiquette For The Street

  • Avoid any controversy
  • Loud conversation should be avoided at all costs
  • Never stare at a person, is a rule that has no exceptions
  • Never detain a [person] you meet. If you wish to converse, turn and walk in the direction they are going
  • Always ask a [person’s] pardon for any inadvertence that may occur, whether they are known to you or not

Why Dancing [Business] Changes
People [managers and leaders] are constantly hunting for something new and attractive. All wish to have the honor of having promulgated that which is original, which, if accepted by the public, becomes popular and adds to their fame.

The change of manners and customs, and the fickle fashions [business trends], have greatly contributed to the giving up of the style of dancing that was in vogue a few years ago.

Modesty must not be forgotten in dancing.

Dances that receive applause on the stage in costume, are coarse, indecorous, and ridiculous in the ball room.

For those and many other reasons the professional should exercise good judgment and great care in selecting dances to be taught in the academy, that the influence therefrom will be elevating instead of degenerating to the profession.

The More Things Change…
The more they are still the same. Ever heard that phrase? It is interesting to me that management gurus speak of the changing field of business and how we need to evolve with the times. While it is true, there are certain nuances in business at this point in history that have not been before, the fact still remains — management is really about common sense.

Let me know what you think.


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