Open Thread: Staying Creative

How do you stay creative?

– Share your tips, tricks, books, Web sites, and secrets here.

2 thoughts on “Open Thread: Staying Creative

  1. I carry a Moleskine Cahier pocket journal with a retractable pen at all times. Anytime inspiration strikes, I write the idea down in my journal.

    Also, I believe creativity needs a place to go. If my life is too packed, creativity has no gaps to fall into, no cracks to fill, no empty branch on which to roost. Ideas will strike me while I jog, mow the lawn, or am in the car with the radio OFF. These are things that give margin for creativity.

  2. Dustin, good idea. I have tried the same thing but often forget to put the notepad (my poor-man’s journal) in my pockets. Then I remember I forgot it while I am out and a creative thought hits me. Ugh! I rarely remember the idea when I get home because I have usually had several more after that…
    Too many to keep up with, huh?

    Keep ’em coming -eb

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