By E. Brown

Apple slashed the price of the iPhone down $200. They needed to do that in such a bad way. In my opinion, it still needs to come down another $50-$100 to be competitive with other smart phones.

For many bleeding-edge adopters, there was the cry of “Foul!” Why?

You knew the prices were going to drop, maybe not this soon, but all tech products roll out with a splash and then drop in price after a time (or the after the next version is released). So why are you upset?

If you bought your iPhone less than two weeks ago and still have your receipt you can get your $200 back. Phew. Just return the phone and purchase a new one at the new price.

Besides, everyone knows you buy Apple gear because it is “cool”, right? You were the first to show off your new iPhone at the gym, or the pool, or the office, or maybe you were the first to drop your iPhone. No matter, the fact was, in your mind you were first!

That’s what it is all about in the end. Bragging rights. Well, you get what you pay for — you got the “oohs” and “aahs” of your friends. Now, just be prepared for the giggles and quips.

Hey, don’t feel bad. When have you ever had this much attention? $200 can buy you a lot of street cred.

Over the months ahead you are going to see the iPhone:

– Get a bigger hard drive
– Achieve better connectivity
– Have better apps (3rd party and more)
– Work out the issues with AT&T
– Drop in price again
– Have several models to choose from

I still believe Apple’s step into the phone arena is going to push other venders and that’s good for everyone. Wait and see. Buy the iPhone on your terms. If you have to be on the bleeding-edge, don’t cry about it. You made the choice, live with the consequences.

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