Creativity – Don’t Give Up!

Creativity - Don’t Give Up!As a creative person it is sometimes easy to throw-in-the-towel on a project or idea.

“This is too hard”

“The client does not understand”

“This idea is going nowhere”

“I tried it once before”

Do these phrases sound familiar to you? If they do, don’t give up! Creativity is a process — a journey. It is a journey we sometimes take alone and we sometimes take it with others. Sometimes the creative journey we take with others is wonderfully productive and at other times it is woefully dismal and fruitless.

Don’t give up!

In Good Company
When you are tempted to give in, give out, or give up remember you are in good company. Many have been down this same road:

– It took Sir James Dyson 5,127 tries to perfect his vacuum

– It reportedly took Thomas Edison over 10,000 tries to get the light bulb right

– The book, Robinson Crusoe was turned down by 20 publishers

Ed Gibson flunked 1st and 4th grade and went on to become an astronaut

– Actress Lucille Ball was dismissed from drama school for being too shy and quiet

Frank Herbert’s award winning sci-fi novel, Dune, was rejected by 13 publishers

– Albert Einstein failed his college entrance exam

– Sir James Dyson took 3 years to perfect his hand dryer

– Henry Ford went broke 5 times before succeeding

– 18 publishers turned down Richard Bach’s novel, Jonathon Livingston Seagull

– As a sophmore, Michael Jordan was cut from his High School basketball team


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