Creativity, Fun, And Teams

Fast Company® recently published an article about creativity. The article implied a discovery of synergy between teams and creativity — especially within the left-brain community. Engineers and product designers seemed to be discovering for the first time, that being outside their comfort zone, immersed in creativity caused innovation.

Really? Is this news?

This goes back to my premise in several articles I have written — that many leadership personalities do not understand the value of fun, play, and creativity on the bottom line. The argument is:

If it is fun, creative, or playful it does not equal work. And if you are not working you’re wasting time. Ergo, you should be disciplined or fired.

Another way some see this is:

Play = Waste = Discipline/Dismissal

What a sad “Industrial Age” mentality. I guess that is why I love companies like Pixar, or Google, or WhatABurger. They see the value of play and the relationship on overall work, company culture, innovation, and the bottom line.

Kevin Carroll blogs about this all the time. He is also on the Board of the Institute for Play. See posts such as:

For Your Play Toolbox


Still concerned about mixing work and play and the affect on the pocketbook? See what Richard Branson (think Virgin Airlines and more) had to say:

To me, having fun is important, even within a business context. In fact, it’s a prime business criterion in any project I undertake. I want to live life to the full. I want new goals to reach for.

read more…

One of the ways I like to illustrate this concept of fun and work is with the Fun Equation:

FUN Equation

Now, go and have Fun!


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