Workaholics Need A Life

Workaholics Need A LifeWho hasn’t been there before? It’s 9:00pm and you’re still at the office. You just cannot let it go for the night…”just one more thing to get done,” you say to yourself.

Your single friends wonder how come you don’t hang out with them any more.

Or, your spouse wonders if they are still married…

…and if you have kids, they wonder who you are on the rare occasions they see you.

You need balance. You need margin. You need perspective!

Fortunately, there are some companies, like the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), that are trying to make a difference. Employees that are habitually clocking out late are consulted with. BCG recognizes that productivity goes down a the day gets later. There is a point of diminishing returns.

Some employees, they find, need to:

  • Manage their hours better
  • Ask for project time-line extensions
  • Add more resources to a project
  • Have some responsibilities reallocated

These are not bad things. These are for the overall health of the company and the employee.

So, how about you? Still “burning the midnight oil?”

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One thought on “Workaholics Need A Life

  1. You’re right.

    I think there is compelling business model to tout reasonable hours to get quality employees especially women and post-retirement workers (who can retire but they enjoy working)

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