New Apple PDA?

New Apple PDA?

Did you ever have a Apple Newton? I did. When I had it I loved it. Yeah it was a monster in size compared to the Palm Pilot, but you didn’t have to learn Graffiti amongst other things.

New Apple PDA?Not only was the handwriting recognition software cool, but the “Ink text” and Sketch features were ahead of their time. You could quickly scribble down notes and drawings on the same screen and then come back later to convert your hand written words into clean text for exporting. I never saw a Palm Pilot do that?

Then Apple killed the Newton. A sad day for many.

Now, it seems, Apple is developing again a potential PDA built upon OSX and the success of the iPhone and iPod-Touch. Using the multi-touch technology this could be the bridge between slate-computers and PDA’s.


Next thing you know, there will be the merger between all these gadgets. What will it be?

Stay tuned…

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5 thoughts on “New Apple PDA?

  1. nickdavid, I appreciate your comment. The iPod Touch (in my opinion) is a driver toward the iPhone. Apple is being very intentional in releasing this. The consumer will see an easy progression to the iPhone over the iPod Touch when they compare the two. I believe you will see the iPod Touch phased out over the next 12-18 months. -eb

  2. Never had a Newton, nor have I had the chance to test one out to see what it was like.
    None-the-less, it sounds like it was a pretty cool machine, I did not realize it could convert handwritten text. (some kind of internal OCR software?)

    Anyway, Im curious how an Apple PDA would work/function.
    It seems that Steve had mentioned before when their were rumors of a PDA, that he didnt like stylus pens that could be lost etc.

    I suppose that for typing they could continue down the rout of the ‘screen keyboard’. In a sense thats kind of PDA’ish’ in and of itself? Now as for the drawing part, suppose one could use their fingers, kind of bring us back to childhood where we had finger paint, except now we wont get all messy. – seriously though, I would love to have some device to draw on, whether it be a mactablet or an Apple PDA.

    As for the ipod touch being phased out…
    I havent had a phone for years. I have had skype in and out that worked fine.
    Wouldnt mind just having the ipod touch for use in wi-fi spots, but I realize Im the odd man out (is that the right saying?) when it comes to the use of phones, so your right this may well play into Apples long term strategy. I do know that unlocked phones are very heated debate because the market here in Europe is truly a different ‘mindset’ then the U.S. Hard to really grasp that sometimes, at how different it can be, until you dip into another culture for a year or two. So it will be interesting to see how Apples strategy pans out with the current iphone release in the UK, Germany, and France.


  3. You actually could draw on the Newton with your fingernails — the screen did a good job of picking it up. I like the idea of the Apple PDA/iPod because it can be like a tablet yet small enough to carry in a jacket pocket. We’ll see.

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