Blade Runner Gets It’s Remake

Blade Runner Gets It’s RemakeBlade Runner was one of my favorite films of the 1980’s. The depiction of the future with it’s blended technologies, cultures, and economies was ahead of it’s time. F/X-wise, it was a stepping stone from the ground breaking technology used in Star Wars. The story and characters were vivid and haunting.

It was a film that stuck with you.

Now, 25 years later, director Ridley Scott gets another chance with another audience to tell the story of Rick Deckard — android hunter and cop.

From WIRED Online | By Ted Greenwald

At age 69, Ridley Scott is finally satisfied with his most challenging film. He’s still turning out movies at a furious pace — American Gangster, with Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe, is due in November — building on an extraordinary oeuvre that includes Alien, Thelma & Louise, Gladiator, and Black Hawk Down. But he seems ready to accept Blade Runner as his crowning achievement. In his northern English accent, he describes its genesis and lasting influence. And, inevitably, he returns to the darkness that pervades his view of the future — the shadows that shield Deckard from a reality that may be too disturbing to face.

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2 thoughts on “Blade Runner Gets It’s Remake

  1. blstern, I appreciate the comment. I liked the original too. I also have the first version, Director’s Cut and it is amazing to see how a few simple edits changed the whole sense of the film. As a person who has a creative streak, I also understand Ridley Scott’s artistic desire to fulfill his dream of what the movie should have been — according to his original vision. I will be interested in seeing this final piece. Hope you are too!


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