Cartoon Brew – A Fun Place To Get Lost

Cartoon Brew - A Fun Place To Get Lost

Here’s a blog recommended by Jaggedsmile: Cartoon Brew. Jerry Beck, animation historian and cartoon producer started this blog and it is a blast.

Some of the memorabilia and trivia are worth their weight in…hmm, hand drawn cels(?). One such example is the image above of which Beck says:

I was at Midtown Comics in New York City yesterday, buying my weekly comics, and they had a countertop display of pop culture refrigerator magnets. I was shocked when I saw this one (below), with the classic Looney Tunes Henery Hawk character.

Am I right in being confused as to how this passed the licensing department?

If you like creativity and cartoons, and you need a little break, mouse over to Cartoon Brew. Don’t blame me if you wonder where the rest of your day went.

Have fun!

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