Joost Opens Their Doors Wide

JoostIt is official, Joost has just rolled out their public version — all are invited. Head over to Joost and download the Beta 1.0 version for both Windows XP/Vista and Mac OSX users.

From the time I started beta testing the product, it has been updated 3 times and new content has been continually added. This free online TV offers some of the following:
– National Geographic
– Atlantic TV
– Transformers
– Sci-Fi
And more…

The only drawback I have experienced is the 2 ads that repeat at roughly one third and two thirds through any program you might be watching. You cannot forward through these ads, so don’t try. I have also found that at least a DSL connection is best for viewing the videos.

No invite needed anymore! Go to Joost now and have fun!

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