Control Your Name On The Web

I read this article in Entrepreneur Magazine and found some of the tips very helpful for controlling what is said about you on the Web. Personal-branding guru, William Arruda, shares some of his expertise on how to control and build your name brand online.

Show Well On Google
Buy the domain for your name. In the future, that’s how we’ll find people and communicate with them.

Control Your Digital Brand
Comment on other blogs and, if you’re articulate, try an audio blog/podcast. Post a lot in order to get ranking in Search Engines. Review books in your field of expertise on Amazon or answer questions in Askville and LinkedIn.

Take command of your profile on ZoomInfo or make your LinkedIn profile public. You control what you communicate.

Focus On Your Personal Brand
People will Google you. They want to know about you before they decide to work with or for you.

Control Digital Dirt
Sweep away the negative stuff said about you if you feel it’s unfair. You can also ask other sites to remove negative comments. Finally, make sure there is an abundance of good things said about you so the dirt appears on page 37 of search results.

From Entrepreneur Magazine | By Carol Tice

NOTE: William Arruda sent us this link to his Online Brand ID Calculator. Check it out. I did and scored a 6.8 out of 10.

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6 thoughts on “Control Your Name On The Web

  1. Interesting read indeed, and somewhat more complicated than I initially thought.
    What I meant is that I would never had guessed that when I typed in my name that so many other people with the same name would appear…my website nowhere to be found. (It has been down do to change of providers recently though). Type in my full name and I will show up in the first one or two, but after that its other people again.

    The irony here, is that I dont have a ‘common’ name – at least for the states, though I have noticed even in the south in GA., someone has the name ‘Dalen’.
    The international side is a bit more obvious, as the web is open for all, and my name is found in Norway and in Denmark. (some countries as a surname and others as first.)

    My point really, is that I am in total agreement with this article, and thankful for the ideas.
    If it is this hard for someone with the name Dalen, imagine if you are John, Jane, etc.

    How do you forsee the name domain exactly. Is it the name plus .com? or .name, etc?
    Or does it matter, as long as your name is searchable and it arrives on the first page?
    Many peoples names are taken, and some of the more common ones have long been gone, as well as first and last name.



  2. Good comments Dalen. As for the domain name question, you raise a good point — many are already taken. The .com, .net, and .org domains are the most popular and recognizable. Options to consider may be using another of the newer suffixes or register with a nickname that many know you by. The bottom line is being consistent with your personal brand.

    Think through the details before you commit. You do not want to get stuck headed down a brand-path when you later determine you want to (or need to) change. This causes brand-confusion. People with a strong brand and communication channels can pull this off better than others. It is always best to get it set in your mind (or on paper) what your brand position is and then GO FOR IT!


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    -giddy up

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