Mac OSX Leopard Coming October 26?

Apple Rolls Out New Web Site.From AppleInsider

Apple Inc. this week is believed to have wrapped up development of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard while simultaneously pushing out yet another pre-release copy of its final maintenance and security update for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger users.

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

A source tells AppleInsider that Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard is now “finalized” and that Apple has begun to provide Leopard-related support training materials to its support staff.

Among these initial training materials were self-paced training modules on some of the operating system’s most popular features and components, such as installation methods, Mail and BootCamp.

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One thought on “Mac OSX Leopard Coming October 26?

  1. Finally, this is the version of OS X I have been waiting for since OS X came out years ago.

    I was hoping for ZFS read/write support in this version – not to say it wont happen in a point release – it seems that with the implementation of Time Machine in Leopard, that this would have been a logical step for Apple.

    In fact, I still remember that Steve was to announce some ‘secret’ features in Leopard – when the time came, nothing that wowed anyone that wasn’t already known. But what was interesting, is that about a week before the announcement of the ‘lackluster’, not so ‘secret’ features, the top guy at Sun said that ZFS would be a built in feature of Leopard, and to watch the announcement the following week. – not surprisingly, for those who have watched Steves past reactions to early announcements of apple products/features (namely ATI), no announcement was made by Steve…although one can highly speculate it was meant to be.

    So will it happen or not? I would like it to. How long will I hold of my purchase of Leopard for this feature, well that depends. Im on a G4 667 powerbook that is showing its age. There are actually apps I have tried to use that need minimum 1ghz processor. I was looking at getting the new imac with the Oct/Nov release of Leopard, but the glossy screen and the recent ‘freeze’ issues of the imac with the “ATI” card is making it less of an attractive option at the time.

    Perhaps I will be able to stretch out a purchase yet a few more months, and by then maybe I will get my ZFS read/write partition as a native part of Leopard. – Now that will be sweet.



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