Quality Blogging Trumps Quantity BloggingBy E. Brown

An interesting thing happened last week. I had a link to one of my articles from LifeHack. To say the pages views skyrocketed is an understatement — from 300+ a day to well over 1300 in one day.

Thank you LifeHack for finding the content of interest and beneficial to your readers.

However, something happened on the blog after that day. Page views took a dip. While they were more than they had been, they were significantly less than that one day.

Something happened with me too. I expected there to be a greater retention of readers. I found myself thinking, “How can I retain readers and keep the numbers up?” I figured all I needed was more exposure on Digg, or Technorati, or some other popular aggregators and blogs.

I lost focus.

No Silver Bullet
I have written on “link trains” — a way to boost your ratings within the blogosphere. This is a superficial method of achieving status that is hard to maintain over time. There is no quick fix, no silver bullet to getting lots of readers and keeping them.

Power Up
The quantity and consistency of your posts over time are certainly a step in the right direction. Posting often gets more links out in the Search Engines. Sheer volume will generate page views. However, the quality of your content is what will keep the readers coming back.

That was where I got side-tracked. I certainly write on a variety of topics and there is nothing wrong with that. Yet, I found myself wanting to write more on the topic that drove up page views rather than the topics that interested me.

My Advice: Write on the things that interest you — that you are passionate about. Make sure the quality of your content is better than the quantity. Over time, readers will come because of what they benefit from reading your posts and articles.

Quality Blogging Trumps Quantity BloggingPay your dues. The average blogger needs to be consistent over the course of a year to build up a solid readership.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a “fastest growing blog” or not. Everyone has something to say. If you have something good to say, people will read.

Stay focused and remember to have fun!

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