The Power of NiceLinda Kaplan Thaler has learned it is easier and better to play nice than to be savagely competitive. As CEO of the Kaplan Thaler Group, Linda could easily be tempted to slash and burn in the cutthroat business world of advertising. Yet, she has learned that even if you lose a potential client — you win.

We had an instance were a client had us and another agency working on pieces of an ad campaign. We presented first and the people from the other agency were pretty stone-faced. They saw us as rivals. Then they presented, and did a great presentation. So we applauded when it was over. –Entrepreneur Magazine

As a result of this, the client ended up calling Linda and giving her more business. Employees from the other agency saw something unique about the Kaplan Thaler Group and have since come to work for Linda.

Naïve Thinking
Some may say this is altruistic and will not work in the “real” world. Well, Linda has experienced it firsthand and has seen the benefits. She co-authored the book, The Power of Nice: How To Conquer the Business World With Kindness because she believes in this principle so much.

What about bad press or negative comments? Linda says she does not retaliate. She is not willing to stoop to the level of common mediocrity that others seem to run toward.

Is Linda’s book and the underlying principle anything new? No, not really. History and popular literature have born out over the years that the good guys win and the bad guys lose. It’s a recipe for success amongst play writes and in the business world.

I guess momma was right all along. “Play nice,” she always said. And, once again, it looks like her wisdom has paid off.

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