I saw this on WikiHow and had to laugh. Should you get bored of your current job and situation, drop everything and follow these simple tips:

  • If possible, attend the annual National Hobo Convention in Britt, Iowa during the month of August and join in the festivities. Have some mulligan stew and share stories around a campfire. There are many other hobos who enjoy living a free life, not having obligations, and just traveling from place to place, enjoying their style of life.
  • Look for temporary labor agencies in major cities. Most of these agencies will pay you daily, or have a daily draft. Even if you don’t get hired, there’s usually free coffee. Show up early, and look decent. Home Depot parking lots are also great places to find daily work, as they attract the same contractors that look to hire from Manpower & Laborworks.
  • Remember that, as a hobo, you enjoy traveling and are willing to work, unlike a bum or a tramp who also travels but will not work, and lives by begging for money or for food.
  • Read these books, “Hobo,” by Eddy Joe Cotton for a modern hobo cautionary tale and “Rough Living: An Urban Survival Manual” by Chris Damitio. Both books offer tips for the road, ideas about how to find food and shelter, and useful lists of hobo lore, definitions, and things to avoid.
  • Bring a camera, preferably a digital one with large memory. You’ll always like to remember your travels while you’re on the road.

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