Why Is Steve Ballmer Still At Microsoft?

Why Is Steve Ballmer Still At Microsoft?Can some one let me know why this guy is still at Microsoft? All you have to do is look around the Web and see his antics and wonder, what is going on with this company?

Did you hear the latest thing out of Steve’s mouth?

Start your engines, entrepreneurs. Or, if they’re already started … take off the parking brake. If Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer is to be believed, then it’s a good time to flip a startup. During his Q&A at the Web 2.0 Summit yesterday he made the ballsy claim that the company is prepared to purchase 20 companies a year, for the next five years. (read more…)

What does Ballmer have to say? I hear all kinds of words come out of his mouth, but what does he really have to say? And, the press gobbles this stuff up. I guess, as the old adage goes, no such thing as bad press.

Somebody help me…

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Photo Credit: Duncan Davidson

5 thoughts on “Why Is Steve Ballmer Still At Microsoft?

  1. Very easy to explain… Gates and Ballmer are old school chums from Harvard. Gates has a habit of surrounding himself with old school buddies from his Lakeside HS as well as Harvard, including Paul Allen, Ric Weiland, Steve Ballmer, et al (see Gates’ bio on Wikipedia). For better or worse, Gates is very loyal to his friends and those who have been with him from the beginning. The odds are pretty good that Ballmer is going to be a fixture at Microsoft for as long as he want to be there.

  2. I can understand being loyal to your friends, but this looks like bad business. I guess Steve would have to do something crazy (not just say something crazy) and loose a ton of profit for Bill or someone to wake up.

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