ZAG – The Book You Have To Read Today!

ZAG - The Book You Have To Read Today!I recently started reading ZAG by Marty Neumeier. You might know Marty from his previous book, The Brand Gap. ZAG starts to break down the components covered in Marty’s previous book. This book is definitely worth it’s price. The sections on “Finding Your Zag” and “Renewing Your Zag” are gold!

Finding Your Zag covers such areas as:

  • Differentiation – what sets you apart?
  • Trend Finding – getting out in front first

Renewing Your Zag covers areas like:

  • Company Focus – exploit emerging markets; be a disruptor
  • Momentum – moving into new markets
  • Strengths and Weaknesses – Exploring and refining yours while exploiting the competition
  • Chains of Habit – break the molds within your company

Marty ends the book with the 17 Step Process they have created at Neutron LLC. There are excellent questions for you and your staff to reflect upon.

Take Aways
– There’s a myth that people in organizations don’t like change. Actually, people do like change. What they don’t like is BEING changed.
– When you find your zag, ask your people how they will help to execute it. You’ll be surprised by the amount of energy you release.
– The biggest impediment to high performance is short-term focus. Short-term focus is often a reaction to the demands of shareholders, who are quick to sell off non-performing stocks.

I recommend you buy this book today. If you don’t your competition will.

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