Meet Qian Qian

Meet Qian Qian

By E. Brown

Chinese born designer, illustrator, and motion graphics professional, Qian Qian mixes unique imagery rooted in his native country with technology to create stunning visuals. Born in 1979, Qian Qian considers himself to be a “multi-disciplinary designer”. Now living in New York, he is considered by Print Magazine to be one of the “20 under 30 New Visual Artists”.

Qian Qian has a Masters degree in digital media from the University of Edinburgh, U.K. He has also taught graphic design at Missouri State University.

His favorite tools are:

17″ MacBook Pro

20″ Cinema Display

Adobe Creative Suite

Meet Qian QianBe sure to check out his Web site for inspiration. You can also view a short movie about a project he did for the 2007 Interactive Awards.

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