10 Tips For Mac OSX Leopard

10 Tips For Mac OSX LeopardLeopard has been out for several days now and I have seen little to none in regard to bad press. The OS seems to be a hit. To get you up to speed quickly on the pros and cons of Leopard, the gang at Take Control Books have put together some tips. Guy Kawasaki put these on his blog:

Here are the Top Ten Leopard tips from my friends, Adam Engst et al, at Take Control Books. They’ve already released five ebooks to help people upgrade to Leopard. These books cost either $10 or $15, but you can save 30% if you buy all five. Take Control publishes minor updates for free, so the authors can revise their books on the fly.

  1. Back up first! Time Machine may or may not turn out to be everything you ever wanted in a backup program. But even if you’re going to have a full Time Machine backup after you upgrade to Leopard, don’t forget to back up your Mac first. Your best bet is a bootable duplicate to an external hard drive, using a program like SuperDuper.

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If you have any additional tips or comments about Leopard, feel free to share them here.

Have fun!


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