$50,000 Intuit Contest

Are you starting up a new venture? Here’s an opportunity to enter and win $40K in cash and $10K in expert resources. (sorry – U.S. only)

clipped from jumpup.intuit.com

Just Start a Business

Join the Entrepreneurial Revolution

QuickBooks Simple Start 2008 is sparking a wave of change. There’s no better time to strike out on your own. Do what you love & we’ll guide you along the way.

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Campaign Just Starts!
Intuit to help millions of budding entrepreneurs get a jump start on success

For the fine print, visit privacy statement, terms of service.

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2 thoughts on “$50,000 Intuit Contest

  1. Eric,

    Could you provide a brief synopsis about this program.

    For some reason Im not able to view all the material – quite a few question marks for missing content.
    Also, I went to the website, but the information there seemed a bit scant also.
    I was expecting more of a background of how this was started – is it a one time thing – how many people win, etc.

    In short, had I not seen the ad here, on a blog I trust, I would had thought their site potential scam by presentation alone.

    I am very interested in this, however, and the timing of your post is actually quite amazing, as this was something I was mulling over last night. (venture capitalist, startups, etc.)

  2. O.k.
    Went back and dug a little.
    The main point, for me, is that its for U.S. residence only. (not citizens living abroad.)

    Cool opportunity, hope your readers give it a shot if their interested in starting up their own business, and I wish them success. (and for all intents and purposes, that goes for you to Eric, as Im sure you will be entering.)



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