It never ceases to amaze me what some will put online but never tell a stranger IRL. I am all for developing your “personal online brand” but be cautious about the kind of information you release. I have several friends who were victims of identity theft. It took both about 3 years to clear up the mess — 3 YEARS!

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At the Get Safe Online conference in London this morning, it was claimed that 7.8 million people in the UK have insecure home networks that anyone could use.

According to SOCA: “Criminals can use the network you are on to hijack your PC or laptop, meaning that they can see, steal, delete or even add files on your machine. They can do all of these things while you are using your PC without you even realising something is wrong.”

Tony Neate, managing director of, said that of the 10.8 million people registered to social-networking sites in the UK, as many as a quarter had posted sensitive information, such as home addresses and telephone numbers on their profile pages.

“Although some of these details may seem harmless, they actually provide rich pickings for criminals. Your date of birth and where you live is enough for someone to set up a credit card in your name.