Buy One, Give One and Educate The World

I love these kinds of ideas. We are a consumer society, so why not use it as a way to help others around the globe too?My only question: Who is going to provide Tech Support?

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The One Laptop Per Child project’s “Give One Get One” sale started yesterday. For a limited time, anyone can buy one of the rugged, open little laptops for your own use, provided that you also pay for a second machine that will be donated to a kid in the developing world.

See also: One Laptop Per Child machines for sale this Christmas: buy two, one goes to developing world

One thought on “Buy One, Give One and Educate The World

  1. Hi OLPC friend,

    Thanks for your post about the new XO laptop from the OLPC campaign. We at Razoo really support this kind of creative solution, so much so that we’re including it in our “Good Travels” contest.

    The “Good Travels” contest encourages travelers to do good while one the road. As part of the contest, five 2nd prize winners will receive the new XO laptop (and 5 laptops will be donated to children in developing nations).

    (By the way, the grand prize of the contest is a trip for two anywhere in the world to put good into action, via

    You can learn more about it and enter here:


    Razoo. Come Together, Change Your World.

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