Microsoft Zune� Not Good Enough

Microsoft needs to stop being a follower and start being a leader…

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Mr. Mossberg just handed down his verdict on the latest series of Microsoft Zunes. Those of you who shout him down with your flaccid cries of “fanboi” will want to turn away… now. Walt considers the new Zunes a “vast improvement” over Microsoft’s first generation player. However, “it’s still no iPod.”
Notably, Walt found the included WiFi to be “nearly useless” in value while providing an unwelcome drain on the battery. In summation he says, “Microsoft has greatly improved the Zune hardware and software this time. But it seems to be competing with Apple’s last efforts, not its newest ones.” Hmm, this all sounds strangely familiar.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Zune� Not Good Enough

  1. rakhi says:

    I found the Zune efforts to be very refreshing ones..
    Check out the device customization service at
    The zune social at And… for something fun and different, check out to see the work of independent artists….
    You don’t think is cool enough..weird

  2. rakhi, thanks for the comments.Colors and engraving were offered with the iPod early on. You can mix and add all-over-art with Gela-Skins too
    Zune was only brown, black, and white. While the Flash site is cool — it still follows, not leads.
    As for forums, been there done that — you get over 100M pages when you Google iPod Forums.
    However, I do like the Zune Arts site. Very nice!

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