Texas Schools Use iPods For Mobile Learning

I love this. Mobile learning and teaching is great for JIT (just in time) training. A natural by-product of this effort is team work and communities of practice.

clipped from learninginhand.com
iPod ClassicThe Dallas Morning News published the story Grand Prairie Schools Welcome iPods in Classrooms. It features Whitt Elementary in Grand Prairie, Texas where teachers are using 321 iPods “to teach kids about subjects they might otherwise find boring.” The iPods have only been in use a couple of weeks at the school, but the media players have inspired teachers to have these ideas:

  • Use GarageBand to produce a song about states of matter. Listen here.
  • Help teach English Language Learners and foreign languages.
  • Video students being revolving planets.
  • Produce a podcast about the American Revolution.
  • View video about season changes.
  • Allow students to take the iPods home (as long as they are returned the next day).
Whitt teachers are embracing change and are doing great things for students. The activities and teacher/student creation of media seem to be the most powerful parts of how teachers are changing instruction.

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