Are You A Net Promoter?

No, this is not about the Internet. It seems that “Customer No-Service” has gotten so bad, someone had to write a book.

I often tell companies that without customers they would not be in business. Yet, it never ceases to amaze me how many organizations are self-absorbed and do not think about who they are serving and how they are serving them.

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Net Promoter is a discipline by which companies profitably grow by focusing on their
customers. A successful Net Promoter program includes 5 elements:

1) metrics proven to link to growth

2) leadership practices that instill customer focus, passion, and values

3) organizational strategies to ensure adoption

4) integration with core business processes

5) operational systems to support the initiative

One simple question – Would you recommend us to a friend or colleague? – allows companies
to track promoters and detractors and produces a clear measure of an organization’s
performance through its customers’ eyes.
Promoters are customers who are so enthusiastic about a firm or brand that they not only
increase their own purchases, but also refer their colleagues or friends.
Detractors are customers who feel so badly treated that they cut back on purchases,
switch to the competition, and warn others to stay away from the company.

2 thoughts on “Are You A Net Promoter?

  1. Yeah, I have thought along similar lines.
    Without customers, there would be no business.

    However, when trying to understand where this air of arrogance comes from, in certain companies, it becomes more apparent that it is their take that the customer has not other alternative.

    In sadly, this is the case many a times.
    The product is great and/or there lacks a viable replacement (the latter often being the case,) so there is no motivation for the company to put its best foot forward.

    In truth, this is hard for many people, like ourselves to grasp. After all it seems only natural when you give birth to an idea and creation that you would want to nurture it and that includes helping out those people who are interacting with the product.

    The cool thing is, that eventually, there is a solution, and options do come about, and those type of businesses, well…cease to exist.



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