The promise and pitfalls of Virtual Worlds — parents need to get involved.

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Kids who are active members of virtual worlds are learning how to socialize, how to be technologically savvy, and how to be good little consumers.
Researchers estimate that more than 50 percent of kids on the Internet will belong to such an environment by 2012
“Knowledge is changing. It (used to be that it) was a set of facts, now it’s not so much a ‘what’ but a ‘where,’ in which kids learn how to find information,” Thomas said. “That’s going to be the single most important skill–the ability to adapt to change.”
The panelists advised parents to take an active approach with their kids in virtual worlds. Thomas, for example
That’s according to a group of academics and researchers who met Wednesday evening at the University of Southern California to discuss the effects of virtual worlds on children today.
The panel came together to talk about the promise and pitfalls of virtual worlds from an educational and commercial viewpoint.