The dialog about VR and IRL relationships rages on. What are your thoughts?

clipped from, as reported by The New York Times, is a new network of social sites for people living in the same apartment buildings or housing complexes where they can post user profiles and stay in the know about what’s happening in the building and what’s good in the ‘hood. In other words, it’s like the bulletin board in the lobby, except it allows for online self-promotion and costs around 6,000 big ones for each building, making it a tad pricier than corkboard.

Each building registered at LifeAt is given a password-protected Website that allows for exclusive access. One might say the password acts as your online doorman. One just did, actually.

And, call me crazy, but isn’t this service really fostering anti-social networking? (What? You’re crazy!) You’re probably right. What better way is there to meet your neighbors than hiding behind your apartment doors and stalking their online profiles?
This is not getting to know you so much as it is getting around getting to know you.