Jajah Weighs In On Skype And VoIP

This could spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E for Skype and other VoIP services.

clipped from www.webuser.co.uk

Making telephone calls over the internet for little or no cost has been possible using VoIP (voice-over internet protocol) for a while now, but a new innovation from Jajah means that you don’t have to be logged on to the internet to do so.

By calling a local telephone number, then inputting the number of the phone you wish to call, you can get a number sent to you by Jajah Direct. Calling the number will connect you with the person you wish to call at a greatly reduced rate.

Typically, VoIP services require you to be logged into the internet, using a headset to talk to the person you are calling. Jajah’s solution is so different that “you don’t recognise it as VoIP any more

Setting up a Jajah account is free, and you don’t have to do it through the web either as you can do it over the phone.

The Jajah website will tell you the number of your local access number and also has information about how much it costs to call various countries around the world
and is completely carrier-friendly

One thought on “Jajah Weighs In On Skype And VoIP

  1. It’s still early days for Jajah, and there are many other good VoIP Providers out there to contend with, aside of Skype. VoIP.com and Packet8 offer very good features and rates, and most support physical phone units as well as PC calls.

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