Waiting a little while can save you $$ and frustration.

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iPhoneWaiting for the price of hyped gadgets to come down is the most sensible strategy, according to research.

David Kuo of Fool.co.uk said: “We’ve tracked some of the top gadgets on the market today and on average, �87.20 has been slashed since a product first launched. If you can hold out until the original hype has died down, you can make some significant savings.”

“However, if you do find the latest technology too tempting, there are some gadgets that hold their value longer than others, but there are no guarantees they will do so over the long term,” Kuo said.

Fool.co.uk found that the Nintendo Wii was still the same price – �179 – as it was in December 2006. However, a Samsung Blu-ray Disc player that went on sale in March 2006 for �800 now cost only �476, a saving of �324.

One example of waiting for prices to come down being the best option was seen recently when the Apple iPhone was launched in the US.

Apple shaved $200 (around �100) off the price just two months after it was launched.