13 Tips For Making The Most Of Your Time

I am always looking for good ideas about time management — these are good. The Ririan Project is an excellent resource site and provided these tips.

clipped from ririanproject.com
Manage your timeSome people always seem to get everything done in a day; others find getting anything accomplished to be a struggle. What separates the frenetic, time-starved man from the productive one? Surprisingly, not much.Whether in your personal or professional life, here are some solid tips to maximize every hour of your day.1. Get out of bed quickly.

2. Organize your day.

3. Foresee efficiency obstacles.

4. Allocate specific times for specific tasks.

5. Set and respect deadlines.

6. Develop shortcuts.

7. Maximize your productivity habits.

8. Combine tasks.

9. Visit the gym early in the day.

10. Don’t take on too much.

11. Plan some downtime.

12. Cut down on social time.

13. Finish what you start.

Regain control over how you use your time. Stop running after time and you’ll feel less stressed and more energized. You’ll get everything done, with time to spare.

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