How Being Quiet Pays Off In Business

By E. Brown

USA Today recently published an interview with controversial Q1 Group CEO, Vijay Eswaran, extolling the virtues of silence. Vijay spends an hour at the beginning of most every day in silent contemplation. He attributes this to being a big part of his successes. Vijay’s new book, In The Sphere of Silence, outlines a regimen of silence:

• Best time is early in the morning or when convenient. Consistency is the key.
• Maintain silence for one hour. If you’re distracted, start at the beginning.
• Evaluate yesterday. Note your progress and identify reasons for failures.
• Set goals for today, tomorrow, and next week.
• Plan long-term goals and prioritize. Do this daily.
• Review your notes from the previous day.
• Seek knowledge by reading non-fiction or listening to something educational for ten minutes, then make note of what you learned.
• Commune with the Lord for the last ten minutes – asking questions that need answers. Write it all down.

At first, the interviewer seemed to think Vijay’s exercise was “new-age goobledy-gook” and later in the article proposed the practice of silence as a recent “secret” discovery. The fact is for thousands of years, men and women have made a habit of spending time in quiet reflection gaining introspection and wisdom.

Like King Solomon of old once said, “There’s nothing new under the sun.”

4 thoughts on “How Being Quiet Pays Off In Business

  1. Totally agree.
    This has been practiced by certain Catholics, Christians, Jews (and muslims) alike.
    Again, this has not been mainstream and has been viewed by the mainstream of each religion as mystical. – but it is Biblical.

    And as Gods rain falls on the good and bad, it also falls on those, who some would say, stumbled upon it – such as ‘new age’, ‘non-religiouis’, etc.

    Basic principles apply to all.
    In short I have known many in religious circles to shy away from such ideas – the ideas being ‘bad’ because no one of influence within their circles demonstrated the basic principles found in the Bible. (all the while seeing ‘the world’ do it, and knowing inside that they are supposed to be, in theory, shining the light. So it confuses them and they throw the baby out with the bathwater.)

    Good Post Eric,



  2. Good Post, I agree too.
    I recently watched a Glen Beck show where Glen interviewed Depak Chopra.
    Glen asked Depak what meditation is to him, Depak replied:
    “… we have thought, then we have another thought, meditation is like the space between the thoughts”

    That’s paraphrased as close as my memory permits but the explanation gave me more reason to meditate.
    I once tried explaining it as “doing nothing… constructively”

  3. Jimrex Byamugisha says:

    The world of silence which Vijay Eswaran talks about is not an act of being silent. It is an act of worship which turns everything into a cult like what the TM group does. This is what is being done by this founder of Questnet. This kind of silence is being practiced by the New Age Movement people invocking the spiritual forces to come and help them. I would ask people who do not believe in Satanism not to practice such a thing. Jimrex Byamugisha

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