Quotable Quote – Amazing Grace (movie)

Single men wither away and die in rooms that smell of feet and arm pits.

– Henry Thornton, Amazing Grace (the movie)


When I first heard this at the theater I thought, “What a great line!”  It was one of those lines in a movie that catches you off guard and has a visceral quality. It was also kind of humorous because it reminded me of being single and a few (very few) of the other single guys I knew — their apartments smelled like feet and arm pits — yuck! Anyways, had to share this.


One thought on “Quotable Quote – Amazing Grace (movie)

  1. madeline m hicks says:

    I was asked to come sing Amazing Grace at a reconcilliation service of churches in my community. The movie, Amazing Grace. was the inspiration for the service. I went into the studio and recorded my arrangement of the song with the movie as the inspiration. I loved the movie. And as an African American, it had very special significance for me. I would like to share this arrangement with the creative team of the movie.

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