Weird Week In Review – Dec. 14

Your one stop to review all this weeks articles on WeirdGuy. Have fun!

Stop Putting Your Audience To Sleep — Engage Them!
Edutainment. In some circles this is a dirty word. Some may respond, “I am not here to entertain, I am here to teach!” Well, let me ask you, have you ever looked out over your audience and seen people asleep? Have you ever felt like you were the only one interested in the topic you were speaking on? Read more…

Profile In Creative Learning Games – Timez Attack
Big Brainz has created a game that engages learners on multiple levels. Timez Attack is fun to play and explore! This game has an excellent blend of teaching and game play. Read more…

Attacks On Social Networks Rising
Social networks such as Facebook were one of the main targets of cybercriminals this year, according to security experts. Read more…

Quotable Quotes
Wilberforce: “No one of our age has taken power.” Pitt: “Which is why we’re too young to…. Read more…

The Superest Cartoons: Building On Creativity
I recently came across a fun blog called, The Superest. Created by friends, Kevin Cornell and Matthew Sutter, these guys take turns trying to outdo the other in creating super heroes. Read more…

WireTap Studio By Ambrosia Software
WireTap Studio from Ambrosia Software is an entirely new audio application with a broader range and appeal for Mac users everywhere. Read more…

Voyeuristic or Imaginistic?
Why is there a loss of wonder and imagination amongst many today? Could it be we are bombarded by the “real world” so much we lose the ability and turn to coping mechanisms because of stress? Read more…

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