5 Tips To Increase Blog Linking

I have tried a few of these and they work pretty well. Give one or all a shot and let me know what worked for you in the comment section below.

clipped from www.linkbuildingblog.com
1) Ensure you pick up all pages that mention your site but don’t link to you. So how do you go about finding these pages which mention you but don’t link to you? The manual way is to run searches such as:http://www.sitename.com


2) Gain links from people trying to hot-link your images. If you run a site of any size or any worth then you will almost certainly have plenty of images on your site which people will want to steal, borrow, pilfer or just blog about. Patrick Altoft has written a fantastic script which allows you to gain links from anyone who is looking to use your images.
3) Keep your friends close, your enemies closer. So how about creating a competition, or award and handing it out to the top ranking sites in your sector? Everyone loves awards and the chances are that people will then link back to the source of the awards.

4) Flamebait – like linkbait only flame grilled.

Working on the any PR is good PR (and equivalently, any links are good links) Andy Beal blogs about the subject in more depth here. The holy-grail for this tactic is to get sued by a company who no-one likes, that way you can get the social media crowd on your side!

5) Keep it funny schmuck.

I’ll leave you on a high note with a little bit of humor. Next time someone famous in your industry makes a big announcement spend 30 mins with your favorite photo-manipulation software (mine is the gimp) and come up with (something funny) .


4 thoughts on “5 Tips To Increase Blog Linking

  1. Im still swimming around trying to get used to all these blogging tools.

    Your blog has proven to be an inspiration & guide in many areas, one being helping me out as I get my feet wet in the world of blogging – specifically in using the various tools.

    The whole experience from feed burning, to RSS feeders have been new to me.
    I only started using (actively) the RSS feeder in Safari. (Put up a visible bookmark folder that shows me when an updated article is there.) I like that Im not having to open another app, or browse to another site to check RSS feeds.

    Some of the sites Im still trying to get the hang of and to really get how they are relevant.
    Technorati, which I recently signed up to, stopped updating my post…the latest post shows it is about 12 days or more old.

    Also, the whole linking bit and who reads the blog.

    The stats in wordpress are cool, but it would be nice if it was a little more specific.
    i.e. I can count how many referring links there are and how many people came through searching…but there is always a group that mystically appeared. (I would think they are subscribed RSS feeds, if they are, feedburner isnt showing them.)

    The incoming links is another one. I used to try to count them in the day stats…but they are inconsistent at best. – one minute it will show one amount, the next minute less.

    Anyway, this whole bit has been a learning experience for me. Thats why I started was to test the waters and see where it would go.

    As far as links go…what is a bit annoying (but it may be good, perhaps you can shed some light on this), is that whenever I link from my article to another one of my articles for reference, I automatically get a link in my comment box.

    Truth is, I dont want to crowd my comment section with links coming from me, seems it takes away from the purpose of the comment section. What is your advice on this?

    One more thing, I still have Technorati on my mind.
    If I never registered an account there, would my blogs have been searchable there?
    From what I have seen, this seems to be the case. Is the account more geared to ranking these blogs in search engines, whereas feed burner or RSS feeds are more about personal use?

    Im still a bit unclear as to how the different tools work together and their specific purpose.
    There does seem to be some overlap in a few areas. – Im waiting for Apple to i-life blogging for me. lol

    Thanks for your time



  2. dAlen,

    Technorati is not the be-all-end-all. It is certainly a way to get some other measurement but many have found ways to cheat the “system” and get high ranking. (See my articles on Technorati Challenge and Link Trains)

    The WordPress reporting tools are not the greatest either but they give you a good feel for how you’re growing. You can email the WP team with your suggestions. They have always been very responsive.

    If you are using a Mac, you can download a widget that allows you to Ping Technorati whenever you have a new post. I use it everyday.


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