Weird Week In Review – Dec. 21

Your one stop to review all this weeks articles on WeirdGuy. Have fun!

9 Essential Rules Of Great Web Design
From the PSDTUTS (PhotoShop Tutorials) blog comes this little article on Wed design. Though loaded with good solid principles, remember in the Web world, many rules can be changed and should be broken. Read more…

Weird Management Tips From Harvard Business Review
Due to the current trends in business, I would not suggest hiring the kinds of individuals mentioned by Harvard Business. I would, however, recommend…. Read more…

5 Tips To Increase Blog Linking
I have tried a few of these and they work pretty well. Give one or all a shot and let me know what worked for you. Read more…

Free SEO And Blog Ranking Tools
Here are listed five tools that can assist you in generating better traffic and help you know the status of your blog ranking. Read more…

Tips For Designing With Typography And Color
Every designer wrestles with the use of good typography. In print, and especially on the Web, type can make or break a design. See the tips and examples below from ColorLovers. Be inspired and have fun! Read more…

Can You Rank With Paris Hilton or Britney Spears?
See for yourself by using the Bloglebrity tool from Kineda. Find out how your blog ranks on the internet. Read more…

Quotable Quote
Wilberforce: “There would be no escape from power once…”. Read more…

Your Virtual Snowglobe
For the holidays, here is your very own virtual snowglobe at AlbinoBlackSheep by E-Tractions. Try it out for yourself. You can shake it and watch the snow and little people inside go swirling about, screaming helplessly! Read more…

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