Journalist Stalking Wins Business

Drive more business opportunities by developing relationships with journalists. Here are some tips to “properly” stalk them and get referrals.
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In the previous step in this series I asked you to use the conversations you had with your customers to craft your marketing story to help illustrate how your firm was unique. (Click to see the entire series)
Today I am going to ask you to take that story to the media. Earning coverage of your company in the publications and shows that your ideal customers consume is one of the most effective ways to build trust. (See my definition of marketing)
Be different, stand out by targeting the journalists that write about your industry and build relationships with them
Build a very select – five or six at the most – media list for your business.
Create email alerts or RSS feeds for each
Find out if any of these journalists have a blog
Make it a habit to drop notes to each
Within the next month (only after completing all the steps above) invite them to coffee and tell them your story.
Here’s a short video I did recently called “The Proper Way to Stalk a Journalist.

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