Why To Start Blogging in 2008

Lots of good material here from John Jantsch at Duct Tape Marketing. Enjoy!
clipped from www.ducttapemarketing.com
You must start and grow a blog in 2008!
Here’s why:
1) It makes it very easy to update your web presence – easy is good because easy gets done
2) Locally you can use a blog to gain exposure that your competition can’t
3) Search engines love blogs (still) and will reward you with better search results when your prospects go looking
4) The daily and weekly choir (that may be how you initially view it) of producing written content will make you a much better communicator, marketer and salesperson – it’s the killer activity
Here’s how to get started
1) Read blogs
2) Get the software
3) Start writing – keep a journal or use a service like Jott to send yourself notes every time a good idea for a blog post pops into your head.
4) Start networking with other bloggers
5) Get your community involved

    3 blogs I recommend on blogging

  • Blogging Tips – multiple authors and lots of handy tips
  • ProBlogger – best source for moneymaking blog tips
  • Chrisg.com – the business of blogging and some good technical hacks

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