Learning and Metaphors Exercise

Here is an exercise you can try that will help improve your personal learning. Take the 2-week challenge and see for yourself!
clipped from www.lifehack.org
Who do you think could create a better story on the spot: you or Shakespeare? Ignoring the fact that good ol’ Bill has been dead for some time, in his life he had a lot of practice creating metaphors. All of that practice helps him as a storyteller.
Similarly, if you want to use metaphors to cut down your studying time, you have to practice. You have to make finding metaphors to lock in ideas a habit. If you are curious about building storytelling techniques into your studying I recommend taking on a short and simple 2-week challenge when you start hitting the books again:

  • Once a day, every day, for the next two weeks, pick at least one idea, formula or concept from your studies.
  • Write out that idea on paper and break it down until you can see it in front of you.
  • Then time yourself to come up with as many possible metaphors for describing the idea or part of it in the next 3 minutes.
  • When metaphors happen automatically, any ideas you encounter become easy to remember.

    One thought on “Learning and Metaphors Exercise

    1. As I posted in an article of yours below…great thoughts.
      This is truly an excellent way to communicate and pass on information.
      – But it seems it would be cool to somehow teach those to whom are on the receiving end of hearing the story, how they to can communicate through metaphors. Might sound a bit confusing what Im saying, but in short sometimes people lack the creativity to see to where the metaphor is pointing to. :)



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