Weird Week In Review – Jan. 4

Journalist Stalking
Drive more business opportunities by developing relationships with journalists. Here are some tips to “properly” stalk them and get referrals. Read more…

Take Control of 2008
Tools to help you with those resolutions you so easily dismiss. Happy New Year! Read more…

The Top 10’s of 2007
A great list but, by no means comprehensive. Enjoy! Read more…

Donations Made Easy
Looking for a new tax write off for 2008? Let Charity Navigator be your guide. Read more…

Why To Start Blogging in 2008
Lots of good material here from John Jantsch at Duct Tape Marketing. Enjoy! Read more…

Learning Faster Through Principles of Storytelling
Here is another creative way to creatively learn and retain information. Try it and have fun! Read more…

Learning And Metaphors Exercise
Here is an exercise you can try that will help improve your personal learning. Take the 2-week challenge and see for yourself! Read more…

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