How To Create a Small Business Continuity Plan

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Business Continuity Plans are sometimes referred to as Disaster
Recovery Plans (DRP) and the two have much in common. However a DRP
should be oriented towards recovering after a disaster whereas a
BCP shows how to continue doing business until recovery is
accomplished. Both are very important and are often combined into a
single document for convenience.
Document internal key personnel and backups.
Identify who can telecommute.
Document external contacts.
Document critical equipment.
Identify critical documents.
Identify contingency equipment options.
Identify your contingency location.
Make a “How-to”.
Put the information together!
Test the plan!
Plan to change the plan.
Review and revise.

  • All critical personnel should keep a copy. It’s not a bad idea
    to keep one in your car.
  • Do not distribute your plan to people that don’t need to have
    it. Your plan will contain sensitive and secure information that
    could be used by a disgruntled employee for inappropriate
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