2 thoughts on “Social Networking Roundup

  1. Jonathan says:

    Can I name two? Facebook for personal contacts, and LinkedIn for professional contacts. If it came down to naming one over the other, then it would be LinkedIn.

    Facebook had the capacity 12 months ago to be the best social network anybody had seen (and indeed it still makes MySpace look terrible now) – but by not allowing *visitors* to profiles the power to switch off applications of their choosing, they are causing a MySpace like nightmare all over again.

    LinkedIn on the other hand is neat, tidy, and does what it says on the tin.

  2. I have only used MySpace, Facebook, and Linkned-In.
    The others, at least some, I have heard of, but never looked at.

    Myspace was a nightmare to begin with and I only joined because that was the only way to stay intouch with my sister. – forget email, its all myspace…of course Im 14 years older than her. ;)

    Facebook looked cleaner, but I would say Linked-in is my preferred.
    Again, Facebook and Myspace are reaching different audiences.

    Its kind of like Youtube vs. atom films.
    The first you can post anything whatsoever up, which may be fun…but quality can lack.
    And the latter is more for pure entertainment purposes (non-pirated material) generated by the artistic community. – again, depends on what you need.

    I will admit having tons of names out there makes things confusing, and seems to be a wast of time digging through them all. If you have to dig more than likely its not as robust as it needs to be. Im referring mainly to content, or rather users. i.e. social network sites…are the people there or not.

    But in this day and age with A.D.D. and multiple everything, it could be that the other sites have a large user base as well. I would think eventually the market would consolidate down to 2 main sites, with a few remaining as alternatives for a more specific and narrow audience.




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