7 Steps To Successful Freelancing

From Freelance Switch, Collis Ta’eed offers these seven steps to start you off into the ever growing world of freelancers and Web workers.
clipped from freelanceswitch.com

1. Create a Name and Logo

There are a few important things to keep in mind when choosing a name:
It should be memorable
It should be (relatively) distinct
It should be you!

2. Register Your Business

Choose a business structure
Fill Out Some Forms & Lodge Them
Wait for your Certificate of Registration

3. Prepare Your Web Portfolio

  • CarbonMadewww.carbonmade.comExample Portfolio
    It’s quick, it’s free for a small portfolio (5 projects) and it’s cool in a cutesy web way.
  • Designer’s Toolbox

  • Behance www.behance.netExample Portfolio
    Like Coroflot, Behance is more of a social network with portfolios as the centre piece. Nonetheless
  • WordPress

    4. Take Some Work on the Side

    Here are a few of the benefits of taking on side jobs:
    You get to test the waters
    You can build a client list
    It’s less stressful

    5. Prepare a Mailer

    It’s important to make your mailer:
    Contain a Call to Action

    6. Scour the Job Boards for some First Jobs

    7. Figure out how much to charge


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