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How To Create A Small Business Continuity Plan
Business Continuity Plans are sometimes referred to as Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) and the two have much in common. Read more

Do It Yourself Publishing
WordClay – This simple, yet highly sophisticated publishing tool was developed with you, the book-savvy author, in mind. Read more

New WALL•E Teaser From Pixar
If you have not seen it, the latest teaser from Pixar Animation Studios is out for its upcoming release. Read more

Social Networking Roundup
Of the social networks listed below, which one do you like best and why? Read more

10 Building Blocks To Engaging Presentations
What is it that sets good speakers apart from others? With these simple building blocks you can be on your way to giving engaging and meaningful presentations. Read more

Quotable Quote – Maya Angelou
There is not greater agony than… Read more

Free Tree Silhouettes (Vector Files)
Cool! Free downloads to use with your latest creative project. Thanks again, Bittbox. Read more

Guns, Eggs, and Fry Pans – Oh My! (PICS)
This is creative and hilarious! Every little boys wish for breakfast. I am sure Ted Nugent has a set. Read more

Bag Designs From The U.K. (PICS)
Fun, out of the box product design! These are very creative. Read more

7 Steps To Successful Freelancing
From Freelance Switch, Collis Ta’eed offers these seven steps to start you off into the ever growing world of freelancers and Web workers. Read more

10 Myths of Entrepreneurship
I got this from Guy Kawasaki’s blog. Good reality check! Read more

Quotable Quote – Harvey Cox
All human beings have an innate desire to… Read more

Are You Content In A Job, Career, or Vocation?
Today, employees are asking themselves if they are truly making a difference with their lives in regard to work. After all, in the western world, work is such a big part of one’s life, you cannot help but wonder if there is any lasting impact. Read more

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