Designer Chair for Dr. Evil? (PIC)

OK, this made me laugh. I mean, it is a legit design and I am sure it is very comfortable, but it made me think of Dr. Evil.

You could also lay the chair on its back and use it as a basinet. Hmm…

I am certainly for creative and fun ideas, but I cannot see this in anyones home – sorry.

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2 thoughts on “Designer Chair for Dr. Evil? (PIC)

  1. Lee L. says:

    70s remembered here. I remember a similar design with one of the first attempt to create “surround sound”. There were stereo speakers installed on both sides in the upper portion. Didn’t last very long. It could not replace a quality set of headphones.

  2. Yeh, I remember one too. I had a percussion instructor that had this egg-shaped chair with speakers built into both sides. The technology and woofer systems weren’t what they are now so if you cranked it up you got a lot of distortion…

    good times! -eb

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